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"Add New Revenue Streams to Your Business for New Income, Growth, Credibility & More!"

This is more than an informational product... you will receive step-by-step guides to creating multiple new revenue streams in your business!

Each week you will receive digital recordings, checklists, worksheets, action plans, and much more!

From: Donna Toothaker, Boston, MA, USA

Dear Virtual Professional,

Announcing this unique self-study program:

Action & Implementation Ecourse… for adding new revenue streams 

This Action & Implementation E-Course is ideal for you if you…

It’s time to add more to your business model than just working one-on-one with clients.

She has a clear plan to implement new products and services!

Donna’s course on Implementing New Revenue Streams was a huge boost to my business and confidence level. Donna’s coaching left me with a clear plan to implement new products and services and provided me with ideas for passive income that I had never dreamed of. Within a week of launching my first new revenue stream I had 2 new clients registered for a consulting session that I would never have thought of without Donna’s assistance. I’m excited to move forward and see how far I can take my business with the new knowledge and determination that I’ve gained. I will definitely be seeking further training and coaching from Donna in the future!

Lisa McDonell, The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant

You will receive a step-by-step guide to creating new revenue streams in your business

The Action & Implementation E-Course for multiple revenue streams includes:

  • 5 Training Modules for Adding FIVE New Revenue Streams to Your Business
  • Weekly recorded training calls and bonus audios
  • Checklists, worksheets, action plans, and much more!

"...my confidence has skyrocketed and I’ve successfully raised my rates."

I love being a Virtual Assistant, but after almost three years, I was feeling like there had to be more than just working one-on-one with clients, doing the same-old-same-old. That’s when Donna’s invitation to the AIA Group landed in my Inbox. As I listened to her intro call, I thought, “This is exactly what I need!” I signed up, and am so glad I did.

It has been a stretch to implement each of the lessons into my business, but very empowering. Not only did I discover I had been sitting on knowledge I could be charging for, but my confidence has skyrocketed and I’ve successfully raised my rates.

As a result of the Group, I have a new vision for my business, and have laid out some challenge goals for the new year. I can’t wait for the Mastermind Group to begin, and am excited to see where I’ll be a year from now.

Thank you, Donna, for sharing your gifts of coaching and encouragement. You are a blessing.

Susan Fleming

If you’re finally ready to create the success you
envisioned when you started your business - -
you’ll want to purchase this self-study e-Course

"Action and Implementation E-Course for Adding NEW Revenue Streams"

Week #1/Revenue Stream #1: Consulting – you’ll learn:

  • Information on adding consulting as a revenue stream to your business.
  • How to capitalize on what most are already providing for free.
  • Why most VAs are consulting during the free consultation and why that’s a mistake.
  • Pricing information for your consulting services.
  • What other benefits consulting offers your business besides income.

You’ll also receive:

  • A questionnaire template to be filled out by the client before consultation call.
  • "Ideas" list on what to offer consulting ON.
  • Checklists of requirements for offering new income streams (technology, agreements, etc)
  • **Bonus: My audio on the Client Intake Process & Closing the Sale.

Week #2/Revenue Stream #2: Teaching/Training – you’ll learn:

  • That most VAs already teach and/or train clients in some way already.
  • Specific training/teaching courses/events/offerings as options for your teaching.
  • How to discover what you should be teaching or training.
  • Pricing formulas.

You’ll also receive:

  • Plug-and-Play sales copy for your training programs.

Week #3/Revenue Stream #3: Monthly Direct Access to You –you’ll learn:

  • That you should offer monthly Email, Phone or Membership Access.
  • The difference between all three access models and the information to determine what makes sense for you.
  • Information for each option.
  • How to price this revenue stream.
  • Why people WANT to pay you to answer their questions.

You’ll also receive:

  • **Bonus: Audio on the Ins and Outs of Monthly Memberships.
  • Mindset tips to overcome fears and doubts as you get stretched.

Week #4/Revenue Stream #4 – Information Products – you’ll learn

  • All the benefits of creating Info Products; it’s not just about the income.
  • The primary income product options.
  • How to price what you create.
  • A system for scheduling info-product creation tasks.

You’ll also receive:

  • A checklist to complete your product.
  • **Bonus: Full Audio on Creating Information Products.

Week #5/Revenue Stream # 5 – Affiliate Marketing – you’ll learn:

  • What affiliate marketing is and how to add this as a revenue stream.
  • The best services and products to recommend.
  • Appropriate wording to comply with FTC guidelines.


"After this course, I am looking forwarding to creating tip sheets, free calls,
and some training programs."

I had the privilege to be a member of Donna’s Action, Implementation & Accountability Group. One of the biggest takeaways I gained was thinking about what knowledge I have that could be created into products and/or trainings. Though I’m a veteran VA (8+ years) I didn’t really think I had enough knowledge to create a product that people would actually purchase. I mistakenly thought "It’s all over the web so why would someone pay me to teach them?" Donna helped both me and our group get out of our heads and think bigger. She gave us ideas of how to take all the knowledge we have and turn into paid products and trainings.

Over the years I’ve given tons of time away consulting with newbie VAs, potential VAs and potential clients. I will still continue to give away some free consulting time however it will be in a much more condensed manner. Donna believes in free calls and helping people however she also knows that many in the VA industry give too much time away. I was one of those people – my consult calls with potential clients are now 20 minutes not an hour or longer. Before this group I did not have free reports on my website – I always liked how they looked on my colleagues’ sites but the thought of creating them was overwhelming. After this group I am looking forward to creating tip sheets, free calls and some training programs.

Sue Kramer Harrawood


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NOTE: This eCourse is chock-full of information and materials. "Plug-and-Play," Done For You, templates and checklists, included. These materials will knock your implementation time in HALF (likely even more!)! This eCourse PAYS FOR ITSELF with what you'll easily implement in just the first week! Your opportunity to receive all this valuable information at this low price won't last long.



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Donna Toothaker

Just what she needed to move away from the "dollars for hours" model!

Donna’s 6-Week Action, Implementation & Accountability Class was just what I needed to get me moving away from the “dollars for hours” model, and into multiple streams of income. I loved that there was a “to do” item every week that, while manageable, held me accountable to myself and the group. During the six weeks I set up systems that otherwise would have taken me much longer to implement. In addition, Donna’s approachability and “you can do it” style of teaching is motivating and inspiring. I would take another one of her classes in a heartbeat.

Debbie Lonergan


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