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Get all the information you need to manage and grow your virtual business  – all in one place and in instantly downloadable mp3s!


Dear Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Virtual Bookkeeper, and all other Virtual Professionals,

green-check Are you tired of looking here, there and everywhere for the information you need to grow your business?

green-check Are you frustrated because you’re not ready to invest in a high-level program, yet still need appropriate information?

green-check Do you wish there was just one reliable source that offered everything you need to learn?

Finally…get all the information you need to manage and grow your virtual business in one place!

Introducing this exciting educational audio program:

Virtual Business Audio
Learning 12-Pack

This Audio Learning 12-Pack is ideal for you if you …Untitled-1-copy

  • Are struggling in one or more of the areas offered in these audios.
  • Want training and information without paying a large investment.
  • Enjoy learning through self-study methods.
  • Want more information on things that will allow you to grow your business.
  • Would like short-cuts to decrease your learning time.
  • Want information quickly without a lot of fluff and fanfare.


You will immediately receive access to Donna’s most popular training calls –  12 information-rich MP3 audios of relevant topics (plus two bonus audios!) to grow, build, manage and run your business most effectively and profitably.  

All audios are from live training calls for my VA Success Circle coaching group, membership training, coaching calls and are in MP3 format, and instantly downloadable.

MP3 audios are between 30 and 45 minutes each.

jodieburdetteI spent 2012 taking my skills to the next level via Donna Toothaker’s amazing 1-on-1 business coaching program. She helped me polish my rough edges and pushed me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone and into areas (like teleseminars) that I would have never gone on my own.

2012 was a tough year economically. Yet I was still able to grow my business by nearly 20%.

I achieved some major goals during this past year. Obviously growing my business was one and I most certainly did that.

Jodie Burdette


Audio #1 – Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your 6 Figure Business

You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 Mistakes that can make or break your virtual business
  • What you NEED to be doing every day to create the success you want
  • Why your pricing model is probably holding your income back
  • & more!

Audio #2 – Marketing!

 You’ll Learn:

  • Why you MUST market every single day even if you have enough clients right now
  • A new mindset that will make marketing much more comfortable
  • Ideas and strategies for making the most of each marketing avenue
  • & more!

Audio #3 – Systemize Your Business for Success

You’ll Learn:

  • What major areas of your business absolutely need systems
  • That no business is too big or too small (or task too big or too small) to systemize
  • Why systems are the foundation of your business and why lack of systems will limit growth
  • & more

Audio #4 – Team Building 1.o

You’ll Learn:

  • When to know you’re ready to build a team
  • 10 Specific ‘keys to success’ for building your team
  • Why you’ll limit your income if you don’t want to bring team members into your company
  • & more!

Audio #5 – Team Building 2.0

You’ll Learn:

  • When you need to let a team member go, or when it’s good to keep them on
  • What traits your team members should have (and if they don’t, you can’t teach it)
  • How to be a GREAT team leader, and have very little turnover
  • & more!


I just wanted to share something with you today because you had a role to play in this coming forth.

This month, will be my biggest month in revenues. See, I was stuck at earning a certain amount for quite a while and this month I will reach far beyond what I usually earn for a month’s work with help from my two team members!!

This is amazing for me. I know I did it because I followed through on what you shared at VAGAS 2012.

Just wanted to thank you.

Danielle Guerin


Audio #6 – Create More Success with a New CEO – YOU!

You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s extremely important to be the CEO in your business
  • The core CEO-level duties that YOU must do on a regular basis
  • What happens to your business if there is no leader
  • & more!

Audio #7 – Business Success Mindset

You’ll Learn:

  • Why you can be doing all the right things in your business but if your mindset is not in the right place, you won’t see the success you want
  • How to recognize why success may not be coming at the pace you’d like
  • Why DESIRE is key to creating success
  • & more!


I cannot recommend coaching with Donna enough!! When I first started with Donna I had a decent small business but the business was running me, not the other way around. In working with Donna I turned that around so that I was running my business in a way that supported all of the things I most enjoy. Once I shifted to working as the leader of my business I was able to grow my team and client base with people that are a perfect fit for me. I am on track to meet my business and financial goals for this year and we still have three months left. I have doubled my revenue and my clients in my time with Donna all while setting the stage for additional revenue streams and shifting many of the day-to-day tasks to my team. I could not be happier and I owe so much of it to working with Donna, her suggestions and holding me accountable for my big vision were a huge help in getting me to where I am today.

Amber Kinney


Audio #8 – The Client Intake Process & Closing the Sale

You’ll Learn:

  • The EXACT reason why you’re closing the sale percentage is lower than you’d like
  • How and why you should have prospects self-select
  • What you must add to your website to turn away the tire-kickers
  • & more!

Audio #9 – Marketing with Ezines

You’ll Learn:

  • Why if you’re NOT sending an ezine regularly, you’re missing the biggest opportunity to be visible in front of your target market
  • All the benefits to using an ezine for your marketing efforts
  • What elements can go in your ezine and where you can get information/content for it
  • & more!

Audio #10 – Build Your Business (and Credibility) with Information Products

You’ll Learn:

  • All the benefits of creating and selling information products (more than you think!)
  • What exactly information products ARE
  • How you can create your information products easily!
  • & more!

Audio #11 – Host Your Own Free Teleseminars

You’ll Learn:

  • Why if you’re not hosting your own free teleseminars you’re missing out on rapidly increasing clients, credibility, income
  • How you can overcome the objections you likely have about hosting your own teleseminars
  • Step by step checklist so you can host them easily
  • & more!

Working with Donna has been the best gift I’ve given to myself and my business. In the few short months that we’ve been working together, my goals have become crystal clear. We have developed an ambitious 6 month plan that has me on track to earn the income I’ve dreamed of and deserve. She has pushed me to take a walk out of that wonderful place called my comfort zone, and the results have been astounding. If you are a Virtual Assistant with high hopes and dreams for the future of your business, but are mired in the day to day tasks which make it impossible to reach your goals, you owe it to yourself to hire Donna.

Marlene Eldemire

Audio #12 – The ‘skinny’ on Membership Sites

You’ll Learn:

  • The pros and cons of hosting your own membership site
  • What hurdles and challenges you would come across
  • Ins & outs of different membership sites

If there are topics you’re not quite ready for – – that’s okay, purchase the audio package and you’ll have them for when they will apply to you as you will always have access to the download page.

If there are topics you think you have a handle on – – I encourage you to purchase and listen anyway. You’ll likely get a brand new golden nugget you haven’t thought of.

Bonus Audio #1 – How to Have Your BEST Year Yet

You’ll Learn:

  • Tried & true strategies to implement for new growth for the next 12 months
  • Why it’s imperative that you become more visible
  • What you need to know about the ‘changing’ VA times
  • & more!

Bonus Audio #2 – The Summer Slump

You’ll Learn:

  • Why your mindset has a LOT to do with your summer slump
  • What simple, no cost strategies to implement for more clients and revenue
  • How to encourage ‘summer purchases’ through incentive and rewards
  • & more!


$197 Value!


donna-itphotoThis Learning Pack is one-of-a-kind! Enjoy!







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