Move into a value-based business model and stop trading hours for dollars by creating service and support packages.


Dear Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Virtual Bookkeeper and other Virtual Professional,

Are you tired of not getting paid for your true value? Are you frustrated that because you’re speedy and efficient at what you do – – you’re paid less? Are you not making the money in your business that you had hoped? Are you sick and tired of tracking your time? Do you want to make more money but not necessarily work any harder? Have you tried putting packages together but felt stuck, confused or frustrated? Finally…get all the information you need to put your packages together, direct from my most popular LIVE program

Introducing this exciting educational digital program:

3-Week Action & Implementation E-Course on Creating Packages

This is more than just information! You’ll be given action steps to take to create support and/or service packages.

I recently participated in Donna’s Action, Implementation & Accountability Group for Creating Packages and was beyond thrilled with her approach. With each session, Donna lays out every piece, giving homework assignments that build on each other and are fun yet challenging, and before you know it, your packages are complete! I’m putting the finishing touches on mine now. Donna simplifies Creating Packages through her creative techniques of coaching. Donna is beyond the best because she genuinely wants each and every one to succeed – she’s a rock star to the Nth degree!” Gretchen H Walden, Business Specialist Pacific Pro Virtual Assistant, LLC

This 3-Week Action & Implementation E-Course is ideal for you if you…

  • Want to make more income in your VA business.
  • Want to move out of the trading hours for dollars model.
  • Would like a step-by-step process for creating your packages.
  • Want to learn what pricing formula to use for pricing your packages.
  • Would like short-cuts to decrease your implementation time.

It’s time to move into a value-based business model so you can get paid what you’re worth.

This is just what I needed! Looking ahead to starting my business, I really had no clue as to how I was going to charge for my services. I now have a clear plan and look forward to implementing it. Donna was so helpful. Not only did I learn about my own situation but I learned from other people’s questions and listening to Donna as she helped them problem solve. Thank you Donna!” Sandi Laninga Sandra Kay Designs

You will receive a step-by-step guide and all the information you need to create your packages. The 3-Week Action & Implementation E-Course for creating packages includes:

  • Three recorded training calls, one each week
  • Step by step action items and more…

 $97 Click here to purchase!

Week #1 – You’ll Learn:

  • Information on the Value-Based Business Model
  • HOW to determine the value you bring to the table
  • The differences between Support Packages and Service Packages
  • All the benefits to service providers as well as clients
  • How to create and price your packages
  • How to handle objections from prospects
  • Tips and tricks for creating your packages
  • How, when or IF to move current retainer or hourly clients into packages
  • How to avoid visitor package ‘confusion’ on your website
  • My OWN story and examples of moving from retainer to packages and doubling (sometimes tripling) my income!
  • and MORE!

You’ll be given:

  • Action steps to complete before Week 2 – Creating YOUR Packages

I recently participated in Donna’s AIA group for packages, and I’m very glad that I did. Donna applies a common-sense approach to pricing business services, and she explains clearly and logically why you should think “this way” and not “that way.” She willingly shares her experiences and how she has built her highly successful six-figure VA business by applying the exact principles she teaches. She explains how to overcome those obstacles that may prevent you from moving your business to a package- and value-based business model. I am new to the VA industry and am so happy to have found Donna early on in my venture. She made me stop and rethink my pricing strategy before I really got started and before it would become more difficult to change. Everything she said resonated with me. She just makes sense! Plain and simple. This is the second of Donna’s AIA groups in which I have participated, and I am looking forward to others she may offer in the future.” Michelle Campbell

Week #2 – Creating YOUR Packages

  • Step by step guidance to creating your packages
  • Specific information on what to include or not to include
  • How to create custom packages when your set packages don’t ‘fit’
  • Special and important verbiage to use in your package description
  • How to set parameters for your packages so there’s never confusion
  • How to be certain that your packages will always make a profit for your business
  • Guidance on how to work with packages AND your team

You’ll be given:

  • Action steps to complete before Week #3 – Pricing Your Packages

“Once again, Donna has helped me push through my self-imposed barriers. Creating packages around the Real Estate services that I offer has been a huge challenge for me for well over a year now. I’ve struggled with my perfectionism around it, but having Donna there to guide me through the process and offer up ideas that I never thought of made all the difference. She made it so simple for me, that I was able to finally to get it done right after our last meeting. Thank you, once again Donna, for walking me through the challenging parts of my business!” April Sullivan

Week #3 – Pricing YOUR Packages

  • Pricing formula options
  • How to work with bonuses and add-ons
  • When to (or when not to) include pricing on your website
  • Guidance for pricing your packages
  • Mindset tips to overcome fears and doubts as you move into a new way of working

Upon completion of the 3-Week E-Course – you will have your packages created, priced and ready to market and sell!

“I wholeheartedly recommend Donna Toothaker’s “Action, Implementation & Accountability Group for Creating Packages” I had one package that I wanted to work on, but soon after joining Donna’s 4-week course, I wanted to revamp everything. Donna explains everything in an easy-to-understand manner and backs up her ideas with no-nonsense rationale. She provides a step-by-step approach that helps your implementation. Prepare yourself for homework, but with the combination of members of your group and Donna’s responsive availability in the forum, you’ll feel well-supported. Donna is very generous with her time and information to help you succeed. I particularly liked that we had a month to implement what we learned. As a result of working with Donna, I look forward to no longer giving away my time on the phone, adding more clients at a package price that fulfills the client’s needs, but takes less of my time (win-win), and making my website clearer about the actionable steps potential clients need to take. Thank you Donna!” Kristy Schnabel It’s Virtually Done

“A public shout out THANK YOU to Donna Toothaker and her E-Course about switching from hourly to packages. The advice I gained from just the first file I opened already “paid for” the program. I don’t have a package yet, but I’m working on it. Donna’s advice and guidance is solid. I’ve been a fan of Donna’s for some time, and I assure you, your investment in this program is well worth every penny. I highly recommend it.” Michaelle Dvornik




This e-course is like no other! Get ready!! ~Donna

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