You’re About to Access Years of Marketing Expertise, and Business Success and Skills That will Show You How to Painlessly and Quickly Explode Your VA Business …

I have to be honest with you; this program is NOT for everyone. If you are a virtual assistant that is satisfied to make $30.00 or $40.00, even $50.00 or $60.00 per hour, then you are not ready for the over-the-top business growth and a 6-figure income that this VIP intensive will prepare you for. Let’s be honest, not everyone is cut out for this kind of a success (it comes with deep commitment and desire).

My coaching call with Donna was possibly the most productive 3 hours of my life. “Coaching” has never worked for me so I was hesitant to sign up for this program, but after assurances that she could deliver what I needed, I gave it a try…and Donna DELIVERED. We worked on and accomplished EXACTLY what I said I needed to finish. I now have several package options tailored to what my business and team can deliver, as well as actionable steps that I will use to implement this change and move my business forward. Having this done will allow me to easily increase my profit margin on services. Donna’s approach was energetic, direct and warm, and she was so easy to work with. I hope she liked me too, because I will be back for more!

Laurie Cantus / Owner, Go2Girls /

Join me for an in-depth, intense 3 hours of one-on-one coaching.

The VIP Intensive is designed just for you. I will guide you in your specific areas of concerns.

Perhaps you would like to:

  • Reposition your rates and create service packages based on value, not time
  • Learn to attract only your perfect client
  • Create an effective marketing plan and compelling marketing message
  • Establish clear and effective boundaries and standards
  • Build a powerful and supportive team

This VIP Intensive Coaching Cannot be Found Anywhere Else.

Learn how to set your business on the fast track of success without wasting valuable time with this laser focused coaching created just for you.  What you receive in this intensive program is equal to well over 6 months in other coaching programs.

My three-hour VIP Virtual Intensive coaching session with Donna is one of the best investments I have made in my business (and myself) so far. Being a new VA, it is difficult to know those essential things to do get a virtual business up and running.

My time spent with Donna was invaluable. She was able to help me muddle through the clutter that was my service menu, help me to identify what it is was I really wanted to do, and define my niche. She offered practical suggestions on everything from my website content to identifying my ideal client.

This was not a pre-fab, one-size-fits-all coaching session. Donna tailored our session to fit my needs and made sure I got out of it what I needed. She also provided much-needed and helpful feedback on those suggestions of hers that I have chosen to implement. Donna proved to me that she truly does care for her clients and wants them to be successful by working hard to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from their time spent together.

I am very much looking forward to realizing the results of our hard work. Thank you, Donna, for encouraging me to “Step It Up!”

Michelle Campbell,

What Kind of Success Could You Have with That Kind of Focus?

Act now!  Don’t let this opportunity for the crazy success you have dreamed of to slip through your fingers.

Make an investment in yourself that makes sense.  After all, you deserve it!

“Donna’s professionalism and keen interest in me and my business has been a huge help in getting me off dead-center and moving forward!  Her feedback and brainstorming skills helped me clear up the whirlwind of “what-if’s” cluttering my brain so I could have a clearer vision of the future.”

Sue Peel, Affinity Virtual Assistance

“Recently I had a ½ day intensive with Donna. Had I scheduled it a year or six months ago I wouldn’t have been ready, prepared or thought I deserved it. This time I was more than ready – I was prepared, determined, focused and excited. I had had enough of being clueless about online marketing and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I also decided to add some new services to my business which I am delivering personally and needed Donna’s expertise to help me write effective copy.

The agenda I sent Donna was long and could have been overwhelming if I let it but she has always taught us to break things down. I kept telling myself to just start and check off one thing at a time. It’s important for me to say this in this testimonial to those of you who are NOT online marketing gurus – don’t be embarrassed. Online marketing has been a weakness of mine for a long time. Though I’m far from arrival mode I’ve learned to not be ashamed of my weakness AND hire nice professionals who I can learn from thus turning a weakness into a strength.

The agenda (Aka ‘The List’)…
I’ve had a free offer (E-book) on my to-do list for over a year and my video camera was purchased in early 2011 – it was collecting dust. My website needed an overhaul, I needed to reach out to folks to add more testimonials and I really wanted some type of audio on my site. Today I am proud of my site – whether my visitors are auditory or visual learners we have something for everyone. Donna also helped me transform ‘Sue speak’ into online marketer speak – I know my specialty AND Donna knows how to craft words so folks want to read and purchase.

Additionally I had been struggling for years to craft 30 second and 4 minute pitches that fit my style and effectively educated business owners about Peace of Mind VA. I’m happy to say that these items were both created AND finalized during my ½ day intensive; I am currently using them in my networking meetings.

I highly recommend investing in the ½ day intensive. You will accomplish an incredible amount of work in those few hours. We are all experts in our specialties; if you struggle with marketing, team building or many other things I encourage you to reach out to those who have been where you are and have succeeded.”

Sue Kramer Harrawood, Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Donna Toothaker’s 3-hour VIP Intensive Strategy coaching session. Signing up for that session was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business in a long time! It was a jam-packed, intense 3 hours, but during that time I was able to gain real clarity on my business focus. Donna helped me to overcome several challenges and issues that I had been facing for some time and just didn’t know how to get past them in a productive, positive way. I started with a list of questions for her, and by the end of the session, she had answered them! Of special interest to me was how to develop a comprehensive service package for a particular prospect that would cover the list of services I planned to provide for her. Not only did Donna guide me in how to put a good package together, but she gave me some great communication tips for approaching the prospect with the package, and selling it for the value rather than the hours or dollar amount. With Donna’s guidance and coaching, I was able to take that completed service package to the new client prospect with the confidence of knowing that it was a win-win package…good for her and good for me. And I’m happy to report that she agreed to it wholeheartedly. That one service package has resulted in new revenues of $3,000, making the cost of Donna’s coaching session totally worth the investment, and several times over! The value of those 3 hours spent with Donna is simply amazing in terms of what it has already done for my business. I could not be more ecstatic! Thank you, Donna, for sharing your time and knowledge in me and my business!

Michaelle Dvornik,

If you are ready for one-on-one coaching like no other, contact Donna to schedule your session today.

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