This is Your Personal Invitation for PRIVATE Coaching by me, Donna Toothaker!!

Dear Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper, Web Designer,  OBM, or other Virtual Professional,

Are you at a point in your business where success is just around the corner?
You’re at an exciting, yet frustrating crossroads, where all your hard work and long hours are about to pay off – it’s so close you can TASTE it – and you KNOW it is destined to happen. Yet – the closer you get, the results you desire seem just out of reach.

How long have you been working toward this key position in your business? I imagine it has likely been years. At this point, you have a clear focus on who you are, your business goals, and the value of your business services to others. Your business is on a path of growth, and you have already achieved a level of success you can be proud of… but you’d like to reach more people and share your gifts and talents with a larger target market (making great money wouldn’t be so bad, either!) Dare I say it’s not only possible — it’s happening — even in the current economy! Many of us, myself included, are enjoying our best years to date!

Step it Up, with my Private Platinum Coaching Program!

I invite you to become one of my Private Platinum Clients in my exclusive Step it Up VA Private Platinum Coaching Program! My program is designed for Virtual Assistants who are serious about growing themselves, growing their income AND growing their business.

Are you ready for YOUR breakthroughs?

I created this exclusive program so you can get the business marketing, mindset, motivation, coaching and accountability that will help you to double your income, double your list, leverage your expertise, create high ticket programs, reposition your fees, and much, much more!

*** There is a limited number of Participants Accepted
into this Private Platinum Program ***

Will You Be One of My Private Platinum Coaching Clients?

There is not ONE single 6- or 7-figure business owner I know who got there alone. Everyone has had the help, guidance and mentoring of someone who had walked the path before them. I’d be honored to guide you on YOUR path.

That’s why if you’re ready for the next 12 months to be YOUR amazing time of breakthrough success and a giant leap forward with your income, then I strongly urge you not to let this opportunity to get me as your mentor coach pass you by.

Click here to read what Angee Robertson has to say about being a Private Platinum client!

It’s Time to “Step it Up!”

If you’re ready for SUCCESS, then I want to hear from you today! Let’s go! Remember – I am only accepting a limited number of coaching clients into this intensive program, on a first-come, first-served basis — so don’t delay!

You’ll see from what’s included in the program that it’s designed to deliver a high level of personal attention, accountability, coaching and information so you make powerful decisions and take passionate action towards achieving your vision of success.

If you want to be considered to be one of my Private Platinum coaching clients email Donna today for more information about current availability.

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