Next group 3-month program runs October – December 2014

I want to work with you and a group of your peers for the next 3 months!  

Read below:

How much money could you make if…

  • You had explosive marketing know-how
  • You knew how to quickly and easily make a few changes to your existing business that would be impossible to ignore and compel your new clients to click the “let’s get started” button
  • You knew the concepts of how to set your fees based on value, not time
  • You knew how to continually increase new client flow into your business
  • You knew how to create an amazing, supportive team
  • You knew exactly how to manage your business and time
  • You knew all the best practices and real-world, business-specific solutions
  • You knew the strategies for avoiding or overcoming business burnout
  • You learned how to be the CEO of your business

Enna-Diana-smI’m thrilled with the group coaching that I received with Donna Toothaker. When I started coaching I knew I needed to change how I was doing things. I worked a lot, made great connections, etc., yet financially wasn’t where I wanted to be and also realized that the time I was working was not as productive as it should have been. To say I was spinning my wheels is putting it mildly. We implemented many different strategies and I came to realize a lot about my business that I just wouldn’t have without the coaching. Perhaps the biggest change was realizing my time. When I started implementing some of the strategies we talked about in group coaching and in my private coaching time I realized that I was not at all using my expertise and time in the best way possible. I have started making changes that I think will create a more successful and profitable business for me. I did implement a new PR coaching program that I love and will continue to offer it. This was totally as a result of our coaching. Also, I now offer a more private one-on-one coaching program, whereby I take those in my PR classes to the next step of private coaching. Again, this is totally a result of the coaching and not only did it add a new revenue stream for me, but also allowed me to do what I love to do the best – coaching.

I would highly recommend her coaching program.You will discover things you never realized about your business and also get excited about it again. It is so great to have someone walking you through your business who really wants to see you succeed and will help in any way to make it happen.

Diana Ennen, co-author VA the Series and So You Want to be a Work at Home Mom,

Because I’m serious about what I do, I only work with those that are serious and committed to the same type of success. This coaching and support can be YOURS so you can avoid years of frustration and heartache.

Wouldn’t it help to have:

  • Authentic support from someone who believes in you
  • Advice for challenges or struggles
  • New ideas to overcome obstacles and set you on the right path
  • Fellow VAs who “get it”
  • Insight into what works and what doesn’t
  • Encouragement from people you trust
  • Brainstorming sessions with other high caliber thinkers
  • Support as you set BIG GOALS
  • A place to remember why you love what you do
  • A handle on what is working for other VAs right now
  • Advice on how to balance work and life
  • New techniques and resources

LInda SiniscalI am currently enrolled in Donna’s 6-month Step It Up VA Group Program and I can’t tell you how much this program has helped my business as well as me individually. Donna has put together a fabulous group of women entrepreneurs and the help and support that we give each other is just priceless. I signed up for this program as I needed more structure in my business. I was working 10-12 hour days – working more “in” my business than focusing on building and growing the business. There are only so many hours in a day you can work and I needed to expand my thinking and get in the “Team” thinking in order for me to increase my revenue.

Since beginning this program I have signed on new clients using the pricing packages that I put together as well as begin the process of putting systems in place and adding on new subcontractors.

I have been in business for 16 years and have a successful virtual assistance/bookkeeping business but by participating in Donna’s program it definitely has brought me to the next level as my business continues to grow.

Linda Siniscal
Third Hand Secretarial Service LLC

You have a steady income, you have enjoyed success. Now it’s time to turbo-charge your business. Imagine having access to problem-solving power all packed in your own personal mastermind of successful VAs PLUS one-on-one guidance every month – from me personally.

Join the Step It Up VA 3-Month Inner Circle Group Coaching Program!

Watch how fast your business – and your income – grows when you gain focus!

If you’re motivated in exploding your business, then this is something that will fill your needs with your own mastermind of VAs with the added bonus of one on one time with me.

I’d love it if you’d join us for the next 3 months. Our very special group of VAs will work together on the challenges that can affect every business, and the visions that guide every successful business.

KynaBaker-smDonna’s program has been encouraging, thought-provoking, and has set me on the path to make six-figures. After speaking with Donna and having our group sessions, I always feel empowered to take my business to the next level. I have changed my business processes and my attitude towards delegating which is what it takes to have a six-figure business. Donna’s program is beneficial to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level. Thank you Donna.

Kyna Baker
5 Star Virtual Service

How Do I Know this Program will Work for Me?

Honestly, this program isn’t for every VA. The group consists of VAs who are extremely success-driven.

Are you a VA who is success-driven?

Do you:

  • Want to be surrounded by other success-driven, like-minded VAs?
  • Have a high expectation of yourself?
  • Feel you always have something new to learn?
  • Want to take regular positive action?
  • Know that commitment and goals are important to your success?
  • Want to share your knowledge with others?
  • Know that you can’t do it alone?
  • Like to have fun?
  • Know you’ll do whatever it takes to create the success you desire?

If you do not fit these qualifications then you are not ready for this program. That’s okay; you can come back when you are ready. However – if you can answer yes to the above questions then you are success-driven and have a desire to grow your business to new heights. You are ready for this program.

As a Step It Up VA Inner Circle Coaching member, each month you will receive:

  • Guidance from me, Donna Toothaker, to provide feedback and experiences
  • One 30-minute private one-on-one kick-off strategy coaching session with Donna
  • One monthly 45-60 minute interactive training experience with your group on our private line
  • One monthly 60-90 minute mastermind experience with your group on our private line
  • Private Facebook group to ask Donna and the group for feedback and to connect with your fellow VAs
  • Audio recordings of all our group calls
  • Three Step It Up VA products of your choice for added learning/information
  • And more…

Over the course of these three months – you get 13 telephone opportunities to connect with Donna to share your challenges and ask your question and to LEARN a LOT!

This is the ultimate group-coaching experience!

Shorten your time to huge success with inspiration, support and knowledge — not just information as you work with a group of highly successful VAs from all over the world and I to achieve your most dreamed of goals.

Enroll and join us today!

Step It Up VA 3-Month Inner Circle Group Coaching Program!

FULL PAY: $497 (Best deal!)

($250 down + 2 payments of $150)

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