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This is your exclusive opportunity to join a community of VA Professionals from all over the world! It's your big chance to network, learn and collaborate with other Virtual Assistants, AND with me, Donna Toothaker. All Virtual Assistants are welcome into this community. Whether you are just starting as a VA or have ten years of experience or more, you will benefit from this information, coaching, training and networking opportunity.

From: Donna Toothaker, VA Success Coach, Speaker and Author. Boston, MA, USA

Dear Prospective Academy Member,

Would You Like To Attract Loads of Clients, Have Huge Business Growth, Create an Effective Team, Stop Trading Hours for Dollars, and Make More Money?

I would love to have YOU as an Exclusive Member in my VA Biz Success Academy!

If you want to learn how to market your business, attract the right clients (and plenty of them!), build a highly profitable VA enterprise, and free up some of your time, I can guide you. I am on your side and I want you to succeed!

You love supporting your clients, but remember that you also need support. You need to perfect the skill of working on your business and not just in your business. You need to be the CEO of your company so that you can focus on running and growing your company.

I developed the VA Biz Success Academy to put you on the path to financial freedom. If you desire the peace and financial security of running a profitable and successful VA enterprise, this community is for you!

****** Introducing the VA BIZ SUCCESS ACADEMY ******

Here’s What You Get as a Success Academy Member:

Current Digital Training Courses and Products Featured in

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  1. The Step It Up Growth & Success Workshop in a Box – “My entire step-by-step strategies for turning your business into a successful enterprise that can earn you an extra $2K-$10K a month, every month! Instant access to six audios, workbook, and slide presentation with information, tools and techniques that I shared in my sold-out VA Growth and Success Workshop.”
  2. 6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success System – “Learn proven methods that will allow you to stop spinning your wheels and start creating the VA Business of Your Dreams! Digital format provides instant access to six audios and the system guide with information, tools and techniques that will allow you to build your own 6-figure VA business.”
  3. How to Set Appropriate Rates, Create Service Packages and Stop Trading Hours for Dollars to Create a 6-Figure VA Business! – “Receive instant access to this one-hour recording, along with the transcript, of my most popular call on pricing and packages.”
  4. Action & Implementation E-Course on Creating Packages – “You will receive a step-by-step guide and all the information you need to create your packages.”
  5. Action & Implementation E-Course on Adding New Revenue Streams – “This is more than an informational will receive step-by-step guides to creating multiple new revenue streams in your business!”
  6. Top 5 Strategies to Land More Clients and Generate More Income – “Receive instant access to this recording, along with the transcript!”
  7. Host Your Own Free Teleseminars to Rapidly Build Your List, Credibility, Clients, and Income – “Receive instant access to this special report and 30-minute audio!”
  8. Virtual Business Audio Learning 12-Pack + (2) Bonus Audios – “Receive instant access to 12 training audios and two bonuses in this special pack!"


I will also share with you my favorite RESOURCE LIST and my favorite BUSINESS and MINDSET BOOK LISTS, and all other resources I have (forms, contracts, etc).

The VA BIZ SUCCESS ACADEMY is a community of Virtual Assistants in various business stages. If you’re a new VA or if you’re just thinking about starting a VA business, this training will show you what works. You don’t have to waste time using “trial and error” methods to figure things out.

If you’re an established VA who’s trying to get more clients and make more money, this program is also for you. I will teach you ways to grow and systemize your business, while building a team of competent professionals to support you.

If you’re a highly successful VA who is reaching an income plateau, I will guide you to success as you uplevel.

Are You Ready to Build Your Business and
Create the Income You Desire?


You will have access to this Entire Program, as a Lifetime Member, for only $197.00.

This program is being offered to you at an easy investment. However, the information and coaching benefits you will receive are invaluable.


VA Biz Success Academy

ONLY $197 


Please call or email me personally with any questions you might have before joining at 978.855.6330 or


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Donna Toothaker


"I have to say, working with Donna is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made to date!"

Michele HardimanWhen a colleague of mine told me about Donna, I was a bit apprehensive. These days, everybody claims to be a “coach” or an “expert” in their field and being a small business owner, I find it’s challenging to truly know who’s advice to trust. I have to say, working with Donna is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made to date! After scheduling my first coaching session with her, I left feeling energized by her positive demeanor, honest feedback and overall passion for MY business!

Being a small business owner, at times, I feel isolated and overwhelmed by the process of owning a business and the hard decisions that come with growing it! Donna ensured me that I was on the right track and was able to give me such insight, I felt prepared to tackle my challenges the next day with no concern. When we spoke about my issues, she didn’t overwhelm me with long soliloquies about why I should or shouldn’t do something. Instead, she truly listened and offered sound/practical advice to help me troubleshoot the overbearing problem. What seemed overwhelming at the beginning of our conversation, felt manageable by the end! Furthermore, it helps that she has VA experience she can share and apply to her coaching techniques…I loved that she truly understood from experience what I was going through. Not all coaches understand the struggles VA’s or small businesses face.

After working with Donna, I will absolutely continue to use her as a valuable resource…It has been a honor working with her! Moving forward, I will continue to spread the word to all of the skeptics out there, letting them know, she’s the REAL deal.

Thank you, Donna. You are such an asset to our industry.

Michele Hardiman

"I am infinitely appreciative of her authentic, open-hearted, discerning nature and highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can!"

Alli Brook

Through Donna’s programs and direct coaching I have come to see that my self-growth and business success are not mutually exclusive, but rather both within my happy reach.

I followed Donna’s ezine and social channels for well over a year, unsure of how she could help me and my business. If you can’t quite put your finger on what you need to move forward, know that Donna will be able to support you in discovering your own unique clarity and direction.

Her programs and coaching blend direct action with self-acceptance – a true balance of yin and yang! I am infinitely appreciative of her authentic, open-hearted, discerning nature and highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can!

Alli Brook

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